Chris Carter–The Crucifix Killer

Chris Carter

Christ was born in 1965 in Brasilia, Brazil, where he spent his childhood and teenage years.

After graduating from high school, he moved to the USA where he studied psychology with specialization in criminal behavior. During his University years he held a variety of odd jobs, ranging from flipping burgers to being part of an all-male exotic dancing group.

He worked as a criminal psychologist for several years before moving to Los Angeles, where he swapped the suits and briefcases for ripped jeans, bandanas and an electric guitar. After a spell playing for several well-known glam rock bands, he decided to try his luck in London, where he was fortunate enough to have played for a number of famous artists. He toured the world several times as a professional musician.

A few years ago he gave it all up to become a full time writer.

He published four books so far:

1. The Crucifix Killer, 2009

2. The Executioner, 2010

3. The Night Stalker, 2011

4. The Death Sculptor, 2012

Theme of the books

It is a series of four thrillers, in which there are serial killers, who need to be stopped, by Detective Robert Hunter.

Style of writing

The thing I like most about the book is the way Mr. Carter is writing. He sets up several time strings so the more you read the more interesting it gets. As a reader you can really put yourself in the shoes of the protégé. The language he uses is on an adept level. It is easy to follow, although he sometimes uses American expression that someone, who has not worked within the American police, can hardly understand. The way he is writing, pulls the reader into the book and it is very hard to stop reading. Carter writes in a very unique style, the fictional cases are so evil, that it is stunning to read. The further you get in the book the more awesome it gets. The detective has great ideas and conclusions about the killer, but till the very end they are not able to find out, what is really going on.

If you want to read the book I must warn you –SPOILER ALTER-


Robert Hunter

Robert graduated high-school with the age of 15, he was always a very intelligent and very curious person. After graduating as best of his year, he attended Stanford University, where he studied psychology. He was very interested in criminology and therefore his PHD paper was an analysis of violent crime, which is now used as training program at the FBI BHU- Behavioral Analysis Unit. Although he could have had almost every job in one of the best police units in America, Hunter decided to work for the homicide special department in Los Angeles, because his father was shot in a robbery. His first partner was Scott Wilson, who was a little like his dad to him. They both had their biggest argument of their partnership, when they got assigned to the Spencer case. They have found Linda spencer dead with a .38 bullet in her chest. After the interrogation of the husband, John Spencer, they found out that the Spencers had a rough phase in their marriage and also had a huge fight that night. Due to the fact that Hunter and Wilson had five other cases at the same time, the captain told them that they should arrest John for killing his wife and close the case. Robert told them that John is innocent, but they didn’t have the time and money to take the investigation any further. A couple of days after arresting John Spencer, he killed himself in prison, leaving a letter behind that said, “Linda, I’ll be with you soon. No more arguments, I promise”. Two months later they found the pool cleaner, who admitted, that he has killed Linda Spencer.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson was a very experienced cop at the homicide special. At first he was very unhappy that he got a very young and inexperienced partner, like Robert, but after some days he discovered that Robert was a very fast learner and a very good cop. As written above Scott was killed on a boat trip, after they ended the investigation about the Crucifix killer. At the end of the book it turns out that Scott and his wife, were both victims of the Crucifix killer.

Carlos Garcia

Garcia is the son of a Brazilian federal agent and an American history teacher, he and his mother moved to Los Angeles when Garcia was only ten years old, after his parents’ marriage collapsed. Carlos was always very eager to become a cop, like his hero, his father. Although his mother tried to convince him not to become a cop, because she knew what this job does to a relationship, he decided to join the police force in Los Angeles. He spent two years at the LAPD in north LA, before going to the homicide special force and becoming the new partner of Robert Hunter. His first case at the homicide division was the Crucifix-Killer case.

Isabella/Brenda Spencer

Isabella is the woman that picks Robert up, when he was very drunk at a bar in Los Angeles. They spent the night together and had a lunch- and dinner date. She is a very intelligent and good looking young woman. At the end of the book it turns out that her real name is not Isabella, it is Brenda Spencer. She is the sister of John Spencer, who committed suicide in prison. As she tells her life story, it turns out that after the suicide of his brother her mother didn’t eat, didn’t talk and didn’t move anymore, she died after 20 days. Not much later also her father passed away, because he couldn’t take it any longer. She lost her whole family, because of the mistake that Scott and Robert made in the case. Brenda was very frustrated losing her whole family and swore revenge. She didn’t want to simply kill the jury and the cops, who decided that John was guilty, she wanted to let them feel the same pain she had to feel, so she took their beloved ones.


The Crucifix Killer, by Chris Carter, is about Robert Hunter and his new assigned partner, Carlos Garcia. Both are working for the Los Angeles Homicide Special division. Right at the beginning of the book Garcia is nailed to a wooden cross and Hunter is in a room separated by a door, which can be opened by pressing the correct button out of three. On the side of the cross there is a timer set to one minute. Time is ticking.

Next chapter: Five weeks earlier:

The author jumps to another place, a club in the middle of Hollywood. D-King, one of the street kings of Hollywood, is at his favorite spot in the VIP room of the club. D-King is the one you want to talk to if you want anything illegal, it doesn’t matter what, and he can get it. His most profitable business are his girls, he doesn’t tells them to be hookers, but actually they are, but not common hookers, they are very well paid. Jenny leaves the VIP room to go to the bathroom, to redo her make-up. On her way back to the VIP room a good looking stranger talks to her. Jenny tells him that she has to talk to D-King first before she is allowed to go with him. Suddenly he injects a narcotic and takes her out of the club.

Robert wakes up on the side of a beautiful woman and he has no idea of the past night. He was so drunk that he cannot remember how he met her. Hunter gets a call in the middle of the night to a crime scene far away from the city. As he arrives at the house they are welcomed by a petrifying smell, but the smell was not enough the give both detectives a sleepless night. As they enter the room, where the crime took place, they are facing the pure evil. There is a young woman nailed to a cross. Her face is unrecognizable and her teeth are torn out. On the opposite site of the victim is a mirror, so that that she had to watch herself suffering. The perpetrator has ripped her facial skin of in a perfect surgical procedure and after nailing her to the cross, the victim was tortured by pouring vinegar over her flesh.

The book jumps back in time to the case of John Spencer (Look at Robert Hunter description above).

Not much later they got assigned to a new case, the Crucifix-Killer case. The victims were all killed in a very brutal manner and got a double crucifix carved to their necks. After a couple of months they found Mike Farloe, with a punch of evidence of the crucifix killer. They arrested him and he got death penalty. They case was closed and Scott Wilson took a boat trip with his wife. (Look at the Scott Wilson description above). After the “accident” of Wilson, Hunter got a new partner, Carlos Garcia.

There is another storyline, the one of D-King. Now D-King realizes that his favorite girl, Jenny, has disappeared. He tells his assistant and more or less bodyguard, Jerome, to look for Jenny, because he thought Jenny would never leave him without saying anything.

The author goes to another plotline, where the killer takes his next victim, George Slater. George was a young lawyer, who has settled with his with in LA, because of his job. His wife was a very religious and devout young woman. Although they had an almost perfect marriage, George had a need that she couldn’t satisfy. George was bisexual and to cover it he told his wife that he was playing poker every Tuesday night with some work colleagues. The tension gets really high, when the writer describes, how much George is looking forward to meet Rafael, his lover, when suddenly the door knock. He opens the door to welcome his friend, when suddenly the killer stands in front of him and injects him some poison. As his sight gets blurry, the author switches to the next plot string.

Jerome calls his police insider to get information about the disappearance of Jenny. He tells the officer to look for Jenny, if she was reported missing or found in an autopsy lab. Due to the fact that he can’t get the information at the exact moment, the author goes on to the Hunter plot string.

Hunter gets a phone call from the killer, “Robert in four minutes there is a Greyhound race, if you tell me who the winner will be, you can save him”. After this call Hunter went nuts and ran to the other office room to ask any of his coworkers, if they had any experience with Greyhound races. One of the detectives told him that he had betted on some in the past, forgetting the fact that it is illegal in Los Angeles. The officer looked up some information about the dogs and chose one. It was a very close competition, but the dog the officer chose was only the second to pass the finish line.

The scene switches to George slater again. He wakes up and realizes he is locked in a box. His heart begins to race and he tries to open the box as hard as he can, but it is impossible.

Hunter is at lunch with the woman he has met in a bar a week ago. It is the same woman he spent the night with, when he suddenly got the call to drive to the old wooden house, where they found the woman, who was nailed to a cross. Her name is Isabella, she is a magnificent looking professor on a University. When they ordered food, Hunter gets a call from the killer, who told him where he could find his next victim. He told Isabella that he would have to leave her, again. Hunter called the Garcia and the police department.

As Hunter arrives at the crime scene, the rest of the cops are already there, including the Special Forces, who check the scene if there is a bomb that needs to be defused. There is a Mercedes M-class in the middle of the park, in which George Slater sits. As they open the car, George is still alive, they try to save him, but it is far too late for that. The way Slater was killed was very cruel, the killer injected him streptococcus pyogenes. This bacteria eats the flesh and the organs. The most amazing thing about those little bastards is that they reproduce very fast, but even faster when there is a high blood flow in the body. This was the reason George Slater was put into a box, because fear triggers a higher heart beat and therefore the killing process was a lot faster. After the found George Slater they arranged a meeting with D-King, because they were told that if anybody in LA knew, who a beautiful young woman, who gave a lot about beauty, was, it was D-King. They meet D-King at his favorite spot, the VIP of the same club, where Jenny was taken from him. D-King tells them that Jenny was taken a couple of weeks ago and that it was right in this club. They showed D-King the computer generated photo of their victim and it was very similar to Jenny. Hunter asked the club manager if they had any surveillance footage, but the bad thing was that if there aren’t any incidents on a club day, they erase the footage after a couple of days and apparently they did so, the day before. After they got disappointed from the manager of the night club, they tried to get more information about George from his wife. The only problem was that his wife had no idea that he had a secrete relationship with a man. His wife always thought that he is playing poker ever Tuesday night.

On the evening the same day Hunter had a dinner with Isabella. She invited him to her home and cooked for him, after they had eaten they spent the night together.

The author setup a new plot string with Martin Young. Martin Young is a young entrepreneur, who loves the extraordinary life. His biggest and craziest hobby was BDSM – bondage and rough sex. Martin threw a lot very sick BDSM parties, where only people he knew were invited.

The scene starts with Martin waking up in a huge house he rented for his party. He was very hung over, when he walked into the living room he found some pills lying around, he took them and swallowed them down. He had absolutely no idea what pills they were. He met his friend Duane in the living room, who gave him a present. A very absurd DVD. They both walked the stairs up and watched the DVD in the cinema of the house. As they watched the DVD they discovered the pure evil, a woman was bond to a chair raped by two men, after they finished doing her, they cut her throat open. Blood spread everywhere, all this horror on tape. Martin was very shocked by what horror he saw, the biggest problem was that Duane knew the girl, who was killed in the video.

The scene goes back the Isabell’s apartment. Hunter is sitting on the couch of Isabella and he is drawing subconsciously the symbol of the killer. When Isabell comes out of the kitchen she sees the symbol and tells Robert that she has seen it before. She was in a bar a couple of weeks ago, when a man started talking to her, he had the exact same symbol on his lower arm.

After that Hunter starts investigating, who this guy might have been and drives to the bar Isabella told him. He doesn’t get any result of it. Later that day he meets with one of D-King’s girls, who tells him that they are sometimes booked for BDSM-parties. With this information Hunter connects Jenny with George Slater and thinks he finally has a good lead to find the killer.

The author switches to another plot string, where D-King gets hold of a strange tape. On this tape was a very brutal video showing how his favorite girl, Jenny, was raped and killed.

Hunter and Garcia realize that they had forgotten about one victim of the killer. Mike Farloe, the guy that committed to be the crucifix killer. They are doing some background search about Mike, but cannot find out anything that helps them in the investigation. In the meantime the search in the police database with the computer generated picture of the young woman brings up a result. The photo had a hit the profile of a young woman, who was reported missing by her boss, a gym owner. The two detectives drive to the gym and then find out that their victim is not Jenny, as they had thought until then, it is Vicki Backer. On this evening Garcia drives home early to surprise his wife, who he had neglected a lot in the past weeks, because of the case. Before he drives home, he stops at a supermarket and buys a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. As he goes back to his car, he sees a shape in the darkness and suddenly he passes out.

Jerome gets a call from his police insider, who tells him that he found out, where they had executed Jenny. It was an old factory in Gardena. Jerome and his gang drove there and found the creators of the horrifying tape.

Hunter gets a call and the book goes back to the scene of the first pages.

The time is ticking, Hunter gets nervous, because he has no idea what button he should press. He realizes the correct button, must be the color of the dog that won the Greyhound race. With his last energy Garcia whispers, “Blue”. Hunter presses the blue button and the timer stops, the door to the room, where Garcia is nailed to the cross, opens. Suddenly the timer starts again and a robotic voice says the room will be blown up in a few seconds. Hunter takes all his power runs to Garcia and puts the cross on his back. He manages to safe both in last second. Garcia is taken to the hospital and Hunter gets a call from the cop he setup to follow D-King.

Hunter drives to the old factory and observes D-Kings gang, through a hole in the wall. They have bound the producers of the tape to chairs and were “interviewing” them. Somehow Jerome finds Hunter and they bring him into the room. D-King and Hunter are having an argument about what D-King is about to do with the producers of the tape. D-King can convince Hunter to leave with the words, “Out here we’re the jury, the judge and the executioner.” After that Hunter walks away and lets D-King get his justice. Furthermore the thing D-King said to him, rings a bell. Hunter drives to the office and does some research, he gets a result, he finds out who the killer is.

Hunter drives home, as he enters the apartment he is exhausted. The day was so strength-rapping that the only thing he wanted to do is drink Scotch and go to bed. He goes to the kitchen and pours himself a glass of Scotch. As he goes back to the living room and sits down on the couch, he presses some keys on his phone, just to make sure it is still working. He drinks down the Scotch and suddenly fells his muscles relax, his eyes get blurry, the Scotch was drugged. When he wakes up the killer stays in front of him. He is bound to a chair. The killer was Brenda Spencer. She tells him, that she had lost her whole family, because of the arrest of her brother. She tells him that all here victims were beloved ones of the jury that decided that her brother was guilty. She wanted them to feel the same pain, she had to feel. Furthermore she tells Hunter that she had killed his old partner too and she had saved him up for last. Suddenly Hunter start laughing, he says, “You have made one mistake”. Brenda doesn’t believe him, she thinks it is a trick. Hunter tells her that his Scotch bottles are always standing in the same position for the last years, but as she had drugged the Scotch, she didn’t put it in the correct position. Hunter has seen it and sent a message to the captain, who was standing with the whole police force around the building. Suddenly the police enters the room and Brenda has to surrender, but Brenda kills herself.

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